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Gifted Education Home

The Camdenton R-III School District strives to promote learning for everyone every day. We are thankful to be in a district that seeks to make that a reality at every level for every learner. Gifted services are an integral part of the district's mission and vision, therefore, our collective commitments mirror those of the district. As we strive to meet our commitments, different levels of support are provided.

In gifted education, our goal is to facilitate each student’s ability to think critically, solve problems, and communicate effectively in a variety of settings and to contribute positively to the community and the world. Students identified as gifted in grades kindergarten through six may participate in a pullout program, Capstone, where teachers certified in gifted education address affective, as well as academic needs.

In Capstone, students participate in major units of study. The major units delve deeper into or exceed grade level expectations from core subjects such as communication arts, math, science, and social studies. Close to the end of each semester, students display their work at an open house event where they perform and/or exhibit their projects.

Qualified students in grades seven and eight participate in daily Capstone as an elective. Our seventh and eighth grade students participate in various major units of study, as well. They are given opportunities to research and write and/or present on educational topics of interest to them. Students in grades nine through twelve have access to a gifted/talented facilitator. Supporting our students in their future goals and ambitions is a priority. High school students may choose to participate in various activities, which include open mic nights or organized, weekly lunch collaborations.

Another avenue for meeting student needs is through subject acceleration and whole grade acceleration. The district has criteria established to determine if a student qualifies for subject or whole grade acceleration.

Gifted education focuses on the following performance skills: research, problem solving, critical thinking, communication, affective needs (also known as social-emotional needs) and creativity. Students receive instruction in each performance skill.