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It is essential to communicate to students the importance of good behavior on the bus.

It is imperative that students hear this from parents and teachers as well as the transportation department staff.


It is the student’s responsibility to:

  1. Obey the driver at all times
  2. Board the bus promptly
  3. Talk in a normal tone of voice
  4. Keep hands to themselves
  5. Stay in their seat facing forward while the bus is in motion
  6. Use appropriate language
  7. Refrain from eating or drinking on the bus
  8. Refrain from defacing the bus
  9. Place all carry-on items on one's lap
Tony Hatfield

Tony Hatfield
Transportation Director   
Camdenton R-III School
573-346-9292 Office

The Camdenton R-III school district has a fleet of 78 buses. We have 59 routes that transport approximately 3300 students on a daily basis on regular routes.

Every year, our fleet undergoes a very intense annual inspection by the Missouri Highway Patrol Department. In the last 25 consecutive years, the district has been awarded the Fleet Excellence Award DESE. A 90% must be attained to receive this prestigious award. In the last 25 years, our lowest score was 96.9%. Fifteen of the twenty-five years we have been awarded 100%.

The main mission of the Camdenton School District Transportation Department is to transport our most precious cargo in the safest and most efficient manner possible.


    In transportation, we would like to familiarize you and your student(s) with the process of riding the bus to and from school. We have a few simple but very important rules that need to be followed to make the experience of riding the school bus a positive one:

    • Always stay seated when the bus is moving
    • Use a quiet voice on the bus
    • Keep your hands and feet to yourself

    The drivers make an effort to have the younger children sit toward the front of the bus. Please help us educate your children regarding the “Danger Zone” and bus safety. The “Danger Zone” is the area around the bus that the driver is unable to see in his mirrors or with his eyes.

    It is school policy that kindergarteners are not allowed to get off the bus without a parent, guardian, or designated adult to meet them. An older sibling (high school or middle school) will be allowed to take them off the bus.

    Picture of a bus from Camdenton R-III Schools




  • As part of our ongoing focus on safety and security, the Camdenton R-III School District will continue the new safety procedure that started in the 2016-2017 school year. Parents/Legal Guardians will be allowed to arrange a primary residential bus stop only. In the event there is a joint custody situation, an added address should be given to your respective school, along with a schedule. If your student(s) regularly attends a daycare, that particular daycare may be used as their primary stop. Students are to ride ONLY the bus to which they are assigned. EXCEPTION: Students may receive a Bus Pass to ride a different bus ONLY in an emergency (hospitalization, death in family, severe illness.) If one of these situations occurs, the below policy will take effect.

    At the end of each school day, we are loading approximately 3,000 students for their bus ride home. This task can be a difficult one when requests to remove students come late in the day. To safely and efficiently deliver students to their respective destinations, we have established 2:00 PM (1:00 PM on early release days) as the deadline for which we will accept requests from parents or guardians who wish to make a bus change for that day so that we may have time to make changes. Contacting any of the school offices after 2:00 PM (1:00 PM on early release days) with a bus change request for that afternoon will be denied, and you will again be informed of this procedure.

  • In an effort to alleviate the heavy traffic congestion during morning student drop-off at the Middle School and Dogwood buildings, the following routes have been implemented. The goal is to have a clear traffic flow and an identifiable drop-off area for multiple families to drop-off students at one time.  Camdenton MS and Dogwood Elementary Morning Traffic Routes Pictures
    Camdenton HS Route

    Camdenton High School Traffic Routes 

    The traffic routes will be identified as the Yellow Route, Purple Route, and Green Route. 

    Yellow – Camdenton School Buses only. No parent/staff traffic without prior approval from High School Administration.

    Purple – For Parent drop-off exiting to HWY 54.

    Green – For Parent drop-off exiting to main campus.

  • Below are the stops for the LEAP program. Times of stops can fluctuate due to weather, traffic, etc. If you have any questions about transportation, please call the Camdenton R-III Transportation Department at 573-346-9292.

    Please remember, that discipline problems will not be tolerated in Project PASS, which includes transportation.  If a student is sent to the office by a bus driver, he/she is subject to immediate suspension from the Project PASS program.